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An act or instance of cutting or trimming the hair. The style in which hair has been cut.

At AK Haircolor & Design, each haircut is a unique experience. We take the time to evaluate your hair and discuss your special needs and wants with a detailed consultation. Included in this consultation, I will discuss how the hair falls, type of hairstyles that would look the best on you and using products that best suits your hair texture; basing my precision cuts on the personal consultation.

I am trained to choose the best cutting techniques to give you the style and cut you desire. I do this with each and every client, using the best tools for the desired effect. I cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it easy for you to recreate each day. Let’s talk about whether a razor or scissor cut would be best for you. I also specialize and excel in dry hair cutting techniques and utilize that when it is beneficial.

My goal is for you to walk away feeling great, with a smile on your face. We use only the best PH balanced shampoo and conditioning products in our salon. Our products are vegan, biodegradable, alcohol free, sulfate free, paraben free and salt free. Our products are worth using and each member of our staff would be happy to give a testimonial of our products. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage with each hair cut. This will allow me to have a full understanding of your hair and personal style. You deserve the best and I am ready to help you achieve it. The cornerstone of our business lies in the fact that we understand your needs and wants and what is best for you and your hairstyle. Of course the end result is you looking your absolute best!!

After blow drying your hair, I am sure to check my cuts and share the correct knowledge to blow dry at home, recreating what I have given you for a cut and style

We provide precision, designer cuts for men, women and children. Did you know that balding men can promote hair growth by using the proper shampoo? It is never to early to start using the right products and haircuts to promote hair growth for the children in your life. Styling hair starts early. I teach you how to enhance the structure of your face that will pull out your best features allowing you to look your very best. If you look and feel your best, we have done our job at AK Haircolor and Design. We provide men and women top notch care leaving them feeling sharp for their next adventure. We specialize in coloring your hair to enhance your haircut. Would you like to experience the energy a splash of color can give you, with any style? You would be amazed how well a natural tone color and a new haircut can complement one another, leaving you looking fabulous and fresh! Everyone loves a compliment!

Do you have unruly, curly hair and need someone with experience in curly hair cuts and design? You are in luck at AK Haircolor and Design. I have naturally curly hair and have many hours of practice with curly hair. I share a technique followed after a dry cutting experience on curls, when the natural fall of hair takes place. I understand that curly hair needs alcohol free products and more moisture not to allow frizz: otherwise it will become dry looking, with our alcohol free products and extra moisture conditioners that we have to offer. Please let me share my experience behind the chair adding beautiful caramel highlights or a soft mocha lowlight, giving the most beautiful curl definition you can experience, leaving with a rich warm color that is sure to please you and others. Call us at AK Haircolor & Design for an appointment at 207-992-9049.

Would you salt your hair?

Most shampoos contain large amounts of sodium chloride (common table salt), causing dryness and serious hair color fading. Our products do not contain salt, alcohol or sulfates, leaving your hair softer, moist and rejuvenated. This allow blow drying without the fear of frizzing.