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A blow dry bar is a service available whereby a customer can have their hair blown out dry and styled perfect after receiving a shampoo. Having a professional do these for you may be something you have been considering for an occasional splurge or perhaps for a once per week fix. There are quite a few benefits to adding this service to the list of reasons to visit AK Haircolor & Design.

Every time you visit AK Haircolor & Design you are met with people who are glad to see you and value that you choose to bring your business here. You are important at this salon and will be treated so.

The stylists at AK Haircolor & Design are experienced and trained so that you are pleased each time you allow them to serve you. Your hair will look stylish and fit your personality every time. Your family and co-workers will notice how great you look. Depending on how often you shampoo, your style can last longer after being done professionally.

Allowing someone else to do your hair eliminates the face to mirror frustrations that happen occasionally. Let our stylists that are trained take the stress out of one day’s preparations. Along with some stress alleviated there is actual relaxation in having your hair done. A massaging shampoo done by your capable stylist will be something you enjoy. The white noise of the dryer along with the stimulation of the brush on your scalp will carry you away.

The Blow Dry Bar at Ak Haircolor & Design is available for your special occasion or even last minute. Tuesdays are a great day to consider a regular visit because there is more staff on that day. For $35+ you can get right in and make yours a better day. We would love to prescribe the right ph balanced products to help you at home on your own too. When you make a blowout appointment all your products will be 20% off!

Considering these wonderful reasons to have AK Haircolor & Design shampoo and blow out your hair has made you want to set up an appointment? Call the salon right now at (207)992-9049 or email. [email protected]

Have a beautiful day!