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The act or process of changing the appearance of hair.

Advanced and continued color education gives me the ability to help you achieve the color you’ve been looking for. I consistently stay educated in new and innovative ways to design your ultimate look, from icy platinum to warm honey blondes, rich chocolate brunettes or vibrant long lasting reds. I can give you a beautiful color you’ll love. I’ll provide you with an amazing professional hair color that gives you shinier, healthier looking hair. Never been happy with your hair color or a mistake was made to your color? Call us for an appointment at AK Haircolor and Design at 207-992-9049. We hope to inspire you to be your personal best, where comfort and style meet creativity. Your natural beauty will shine so that you are happy with your color and cut.

We have a unique Colorbar where we mix custom European color to enhance your hair and style. It is not all in the formula; but is created with the perfect application. With our extensive training, applying color is as important to us as the products we are using. A warm and inviting décor beckons clients to sit back and enjoy the happiness of gorgeous hair and sophisticated style.

Puzzled about whether you should have a single process or double process hair color?

Single-Process Hair Color

A new color or toner is applied all over your hair to create a new base color. The hair is lifted and deposited in one easy step. This process is wonderful for covering grays and adding shine.

Double-Process Hair Color

Typically used when lightening hair with more than two shades. First the hair is bleached to remove natural or colored hair pigments and then the pigment is added into the hair to create the desired shade.


Allows different colors to be placed in any pattern desired. Hair color application becomes so important during this process. Foiling is a versatile method that leaves room for unlimited creativity. Foil placement once again is essential in this process.

The Corrective Coloring Process

This process is more often than not used to remove unwanted colors or tones from the hair. This usually takes a few processes and a consultation is recommended prior to your appointment; that way you will have a good understanding of how long the process will take and how much it will cost.


Simply delivers shine and tone to hair removing unwanted color.


A wonderful way to step into color for the first time. We have hair color that delivers a built-in shine coat to the hair, leaving it soft and super glossy

Hair painting

The French form of highlighting, where the highlights are hand-painted into each strand of hair for multidimensional highlights.


Ambray Style Hair Coloring is a process that darkens the top of your hair and lightens the ends of hair. We are up to date with all the latest styles for all cuts, styles and color!

Organic – As an industry professional, the products selected at AK Haircolor & Design need to meet my standards and provide our clients with the best hair care that revitalizes color, hydrates the scalp, strengthens, enriches and cleanses their hair, restores shine and body, and also repairs damaged hair. We work hard to find these hair products for our clients.

The key is to acquire products containing mostly organic ingredients, that also produce the best results. Included in our line of professional products are Organic, Sulfate-Free, Keratin & Wheat Protein, 100% Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Paraben & Biodegradable and 100% Alcohol -Free, contains no carcinogenic ingredients, and are void of any animal testing.

We use new and innovative products always looking for suppliers who manage their companies in an earth-friendly manner. Our clients can be reassured that at AK Haircolor & Design all of our products are safe and offer no toxilogical hazards. Certified organic extracts have a vitalizing effect on the roots of the hair, this allows you hair to be healthier and shinier with body. Regular use of these quality products will leave your hair clean, clear and refreshed.