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Blow Dry Bar

A blow dry bar is a service available whereby a customer can have their hair blown out dry and styled perfect after receiving a shampoo. Having a professional do these for you may be something you have been considering for an occasional splurge or perhaps for a once per week fix. There are quite a few benefits to adding this service to the list of reasons to visit AK Haircolor & Design.

Every time you visit AK Haircolor & Design you are met with people who are glad to see you and value that you choose to bring your business here. You are important at this salon and will be treated so.

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Blow Drying 101

“My hair is so flat.” “I have this cowlick…” “My style just seems, I don’t know, frumpy.” These are common problems that a stylist hears about. One answer can be that you need to learn how to blowdry.

Let us start with your hair and the style you are looking to achieve. Of course, we are assuming that you already have some product in your hair. If not, then you will have to wait for that topic in another article. Or make an appointment today to talk to your stylist at AK Haircolor & Design to get you in the know!

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